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‘48 reported cases of elder abuse last year’
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by Nam Kim on 03/29/2012 12:47
Post ‘48 reported cases of elder abuse last year’

Confinement, medical treatment denial, and violence

Hanul Family Alliance: ‘48 reported cases of elder abuse last year’

Last year the total count of reported cases of elder abuse totaled 48. According to Hanul Family Alliance’s March 16th release of statistical info, of the 48 different cases received 3 were related to psychological abuse, 5 to economical abuse, 2 to physical abuse, 3 to sexual assault, 8 to domestic violence, 13 to negligence, and 11 to self-neglect. Among the cases related to domestic violence, cases where parents were living together with their children and cases of abuse were counted separately, and cases of self-neglect where victims would either deny the fact (even when clearly observed by a third-person) or take a very self-ridiculing ‘I deserved it’ attitude were counted separately.

Reported cases consisted of instances where a man became violent when he tried to snatch his parents’ welfare monies and his parents prevented him from doing so; instances where elders needed to go to diabetes or Alzheimer’s hospitals to receive treatment but their children neglected them or refused to take any action; instances where parents attempted to leave their houses to do something to pass the time only to be rejected by their children with the excuse that “it’s cold outside so stay at home,” or “you’re too old, where would you go?”; instances of elderly men committing sexual assault on elderly women at bars, pubs, etc. Hanul says that of the myriad of issues that arise among elders usually about 40% are reported, but realistically in the Korean community the elder abuse count is presumably far greater than what the statistics portray.

Hanul Family Alliance’s family services coordinator Nam Kyu Kim conveyed that “if one takes a look at the types of elder abuse one can see that the majority of problems stem from family feuds. “Thus,” he said, “in order to solve these problems, it is clear that an in-depth consultation of elders and their children is necessary. Most reports related to elder abuse are reported by 3rd person parties. Too, taking a passive position is not good for one’s psychological health. Instead of just keeping problems a secret, what’s needed is a way to solve the problem,” he added.

Furthermore, according to the Illinois State Attorney General’s Office Crime Victim’s Compensation Program representative Lisa Matigan, victims of physical and psychological elder abuse can receive compensation for prescription medicine that’s hasn’t been registered with either Medicaid or Medicare.

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