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by Nam Kim on 04/02/2012 17:27
Post Colorectal Cancer Prevention Project for Asian Communities

아시안 커뮤니티 대상 대장암 예방 프로젝트 이 게시글을 알리기
한울- 아시안건강연합과 시카고대학과 함께 실시

‘3월 대장암 예방’의 달을 맞이하여 아시안건강연합 (Asian Health Coalition)에서는 한울종합복지관과 시카고대학 Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Disparities (OCECD)와 함께 대장암(결장암과 직장암)에 대한 정보과 치료방법에 대한 교육을 실시한다.

이번에 실시되는 ‘대장암 예방 프로젝트’는 증거중심 (evidence-based) 사업으로 대장건강교육 프로그램과 스크리닝을 시카고지역 아시안 커뮤니티를 위해 실시된다.

시카고대학 OCECD 디렉터 캐런 킴 박사는 “대장암은 한인 남성에게 암관련 질환 중 가장 주된 암이며 여성에게는 유방암 다음으로 두 번째로 많이 발병합니다. 최근 전미암학회 통계조사에 따르면 대장암을 포함해 지난 10년간 여러 종류의 암으로 인한 사망사고가 줄어들고 있습니다” 고 밝혔다.

한울복지관의 윤석갑 사무총장에 따르면, “한울복지관은 이번 대장암 예방 프로젝트를 실시하게 되어 기쁘고 이로 인해 아시안 커뮤니티의 건강과 삶의 질이 더욱 향상되길 기대한다.‘ 며 ’대장암은 조기 발견과 검사를 통해 예방할 수 있고, 치료와 극복 또한 가능하다는 메시지를 아시안 커뮤니에 알리는 것은 매우 중요하다” 고 강조했다.
예약 및 접수문의: 김남규 Nam Kyu Kim 773-478-8851 nkim@hanulusa.org

Colorectal Cancer Prevention Project for Asian Communities
CHICAGO, IL - March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and the Asian Health Coalition is encouraging Asian Americans to learn more about colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon and rectum) and how it can be prevented or best treated. The agency has launched the “Colon Cancer Prevention Project” in partnership with Hanul Family Alliance (HFA) and the University of Chicago’s Office of Community Engagement and Cancer Disparities (OCECD). This pilot project is the first evidence-based colorectal health education and screening program to be implemented in Chicago’s Asian community.
“Colorectal cancer is the number one leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Korean men and the second leading cause in Korean women (after breast cancer). Recent statistics released by the National Cancer Institute indicate a marked decrease in the incidence of deaths due to various cancers in the past 10 years, including colorectal,” explained Dr. Karen Kim, Director of the University of Chicago’s OCECD.
“Colorectal cancer is an issue that’s close to me as my grandmother is now 85 and has been a colon cancer survivor for 15 years. At the time, routine screening for this disease was not discussed or done, and her doctor never told her to get tested,” remarked Edwin Chandrasekar, Executive Director of the Asian Health Coalition.
In a statement released by Paul Yun, Executive Director of HFA, “We are proud to support the Colon Cancer Prevention Project to improve the overall quality of health and wellness in the Asian community. Early detection and screening can save lives and it’s important to get this message out to the Asian American community that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable, and beatable.” Support for this program has been made possible through grants from the Research Retirement Foundation and Chicago Community Trust.

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