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by Nam Kim on 04/14/2012 15:00
Post 엘리스펀드 (Ellie's fund) “아픈 어린이들에게 희망을”

[한울 나눔] 엘리스펀드 (Ellie's Fund) “아픈 어린이들에게 희망을”

아픈 아이들에게 보내는 작은 격려와 관심, 그들에게는 큰 사랑과 용기의 선물입니다.
한울복지관이 오늘도 병과 싸우고 있는 우리 한인 어린이들에게 힘과 웃음을 되찾아 주고 싶습니다.

박지성,김연아 선수, 반기문 총장 , 또는 잘나가는 아이돌 가수처럼 되고싶다며 한창 꿈을 꿔야 할 나이인데,
오랜기간 투병중인18세미만의 어린이 환우를 돌보거나 알고 계시나요?

시카고 어린이들이 더 건강하게 자랄수 있는데 도움이 되도자
한울종합복지관이 엘리스 프로젝트 (Ellie’s Fund Project)를 실시합니다.

평소 가고싶었던 곳,
갖고 싶었던 선물,
또는 해보고 싶었던 일 등을 소원성취하는데 도와드립니다.

대상: 소아암, 백혈병이나 희귀병, 난치병 외 다양한 질병 등의 18세미만의 어린이 환자
신청 및 문의: 한울종합복지관 김남규 773-478-8851 (ext. 115) 또는 nkim@hanulusa.org

보호자, 의료기관, 학교 관계자의 추천가능. 개인정보, 건강정보는 비밀보장.

Together with anonymous donors, Hanul Family Alliance (known as Korean-American Senior Center) is currently planning Ellie’s Fund Project, a project that – with our love for giving never—ending encouragement and admiration—will give strength and encouragement to young children that are in the midst of fighting with diseases as well as help to raise healthier children that have been placed in difficult economic circumstances. The Ellies’ Project will help make children smile.

“Making Children Smile”

 To give strength and encouragement to children that have been fighting with incurable diseases for long periods of time
 To provide the precious gift of word that “children with dreams overcome diseases too” with hope, strength and joy
 To inspire interest in children that have become exhausted over fighting with disease for such long periods of time
 To establish a culture of community spirit and mutual contribution within Korean and Asian-American community
 To help children, families, and friends’ feelings of hope and optimism replace fear and stress

Who is eligible?
 Korean and other Asian-American kids and children between ages 3 and 18
 Children with life-threatening medical conditions
 Medically fragile children with complex medical needs who are not yet able to go home
 Medical Criteria: A child diagnosed with Cancer, Encephaloma, Congenital heart disease, Leukemia, Amyotmphie, Muscular dystrophy or other life-threatening medical conditions.

What’s your Dream?
When the project team first visits with a child, we ask the simple question “What is your Dream?” Most requests fall into four major categories:
 David wishes to “go” to Children’s Museum with his parents. (e.g. Disneyland, Korea, major sporting event or concert)
 Joan dreams to “do” deep sea fishing and family picnic. (e.g. paragliding, birthday party)
 Sophia hopes to “meet” Victor Kim, a member of Quest Crew from “Best Dance Crew”. (e.g. favorite athlete, artist, movie start)
 Mark wants to “have” a notebook for his special graduation gift. (e.g. pet, violin, picture album)

Dreams come true (How we can help a child?)
 Download and send Application Form to HFAHFA staff conduct phone interview  HFA volunteers visit children
 HFA recruits volunteers, talent donors, other community members
 Media outreach: HFA’s E-newsletter, Radio, TV, newspaper, Facebook.

How can I refer a child?
 Please refer a child to Ellie’s Project team of Hanul Family Alliance
 Possible referral service organizations
 Children’s Memorial, Lutheran General, Swedish Covenant, Chicago & Rush Medical Center
 Pu W. Kim, M.D. 847-635-7577/ 773-561-1554 & Sang Jo Han, M.D. 630-513-9160/ 847-690-0788
 Lee KyungSun (Ho-bum Kim) U of Chicago & Pae, Sarah (Pediatrics, 847-981-3677) NW Hospital
 Park Lucy (U of Chicago- Pediatrics Professor)

Ways to Help (Sustainability-Fundraising) “It’s better to give than just receive”
 Make a Donation and become a Volunteer or child Supporter.
 Fundraising event (rummage sale, knitting, other community special events)
 Find more co-donors including local business enterprises, medical providers, CBOs, churches and support groups.

Contact Info: Nam Kyu Kim, Hanul Family Alliance (office: 773-478-8851/ 847-439-5195. Email: nkim@hanulusa.org)

“The purpose of the Elise Fund is to assist venerable children in need by providing them with comprehensive and supportive services to empower children and their families” -anonymous donors

To apply for a Ellie’s Fund Project, you need to submit an application to the Hanul Family Alliance. Children may fill out the form themselves but it must be signed by a parent or legal guardian. All applicants will be notified by phone once the form has been received. If you have any further questions about applying for the Ellie’s Project, please visit website (www.hanulusa.org) or phone our office on 773-478-8851, 847-439-5195 (Email: hanul@hanulusa.org)

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