Ellie’s Project

Bringing Hope to Children

“To see a child smile by the end of the day, that’s what I want the most.” – An anonymous donor of Ellie’s Project

Together with anonymous donors, Hanul Family Alliance is currently planning Ellie’s Project, a project that – with our love for giving never-ending encouragement and admiration – will give strength and encouragement to young children that are in the midst of fighting with diseases as well as help to raise healthier children that have been placed in difficult economic circumstances. The Ellie’s Project will help make children smile.

Goals: Making Children Smile

    •     To give strength & encouragement to children that have been fighting with incurable diseases for long periods of time
    •     To provide the precious gift of word that “children with dreams overcome diseases too” with hope, strength and joy
    •     To inspire interest in children that have become exhausted over fighing with disease for such long periods of time
    •     To establish a culture of community sprites and mutual contribution within Korean Asian-American community
    •     To help with children. Families, and friends’ feelings of hope and optimism replace deer and stress

How can I refer a child?

Please refer a child to Ellie’s project team of Hanul Family Alliance

“It’s better to give than just receive”

HFA respects the privacy of the children and families we serve. All personal and medical information is considered confidential and is not discussed with outside parties unless the parents have given their consent. Out of respect for privacy, children who may be eligible to receive a service can be referred by other medical professionals (physicians, nurses, social workers), parents or legal guardians, school teachers or the child themselves. 


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