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Counseling & Behavioral Health

Since 2018, after starting the Behavioral Health Program (BHP) at HFA, it has provided mental health & substance use counseling services to hundreds of Koreans and its neighboring residents in the Chicagoland area. Thanks to two professionally trained bi-lingual (Korean & English) counselors, the BHP has provided counseling services for all age groups free of charge.

Problems around mental health plague all demographics but are especially present in immigrant and ethnic/racial minority communities. There are many reasons that ethnic/racial minorities experience further difficulties with mental health & substance use issues (depression, anxiety, dependency on alcohol/drug/gambling/online games, anger management, compulsive behavior, adjustment to a new school/work/culture, bi-polar, psychotic symptoms, etc.). The challenges could be attributed to language and cultural isolation, being discriminated at school or work, lack of supporting systems, inter-generational conflicts in immigrant families, and more. Hanul aims to provide the mental/behavioral health services (substance use treatment, mental health assessment, individual/couple/family/group counseling) with a linguistically and culturally sensitive approach by licensed bi-lingual (Korean & English) professional counselors. The clients will benefit from confidential and quality services from our behavioral health program, leading them to a healthier life in terms of emotional and mental well-being.

For more information, please download our brochures in English or Korean.

Program Information

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